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Japanese Beetle Formula Now Patent-Pending

Matias Habib has registered a non-provisional patent for his formula a “Bio-pesticide for Japanese Beetles.”

Serial No. 17/733,369 · Filed Apr 29, 2022


A pesticide compositionally comprising one or more carrier oils; one or more repellent
oils; and an effective amount of quisqualic acid, wherein the pesticide composition is an
emulsion for spray application to foliage and wherein physical contact with the pesticide is
sufficient to kill a Japanese beetle.

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Partnering with Harambee Community Garden: Target = Squash Bug

I’m excited to be collaborating with Harambee Community Garden on Chicago’s west side. Harambee started in 2011 on a vacant lot, and today is a thriving community of gardeners and nature lovers.

TerraBuster Bio-Pesticide Testing in Summer 2022 – Scroll down for updates

We designated control and testbeds to determine the effectiveness of a natural repellent prototype on Squash Bugs. Lab testing is also being conducted.


Identical test beds were planted June 3rd. On July 24th test bed #1 was treated with the prototype natural repellent while test bed #2 was left untreated. Not far from the test beds are several beds that are badly infested with squash bugs, as shown in the photo below.

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Winners at 2020 Celebrating High School Innovators Competition

Congratulations to partners Matias Habib and Kendrick Bakel who were winners at the 2020 Celebrating High School Innovators competition held at Illinois State University on March 2. They came home with a top award, a check for $1,000, and scholarships to Illinois State University. The team plans to invest their prize money in the TerraBuster business. Click here to read the newspaper article.

For more about Celebrating High School Innovators, go to

Way to go TerraBuster!

TerraBuster team at competition
TerraBuster presented their Japanese Beetle Bio-Pesticide at Illinois State University.

TerraBuster team awarded $1,000. for their bio-pesticide start-up.

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Illinois 4H State Fair Winner – 2019, 2021 and 2022

In August 2019 at Springfield, IL, my research on controlling Japanese Beetles won the championship award in Entomology, as well as an INSPIRE award by the judge.

Again in August 2021, after winning a Championship in Entomology at the Kendall County Fair, TerraBuster advanced to the Illinois State 4H Fair and was awarded a second INSPIRE award.

In 2022,  TerraBuster research on the Squash Bug won the county championship and the Illinois State 4-H championship in Entomology. 

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Kendall Co. Science Fair competition winner – 2018 & 2019

Matias Habib was one of the top prize winners at the University of Illinois Extension’s Youth Science Fair held in Kendall County, IL.

In 2019 he presented his project work studying and creating bioplastics. Read the news article here…

And in 2018 Matias studied different types of chemical de-icers to determine which was least harmful for vegetation, winning the top prize. Read the news article here…