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Japanese Beetle Formula Now Patent-Pending

Matias Habib has registered a non-provisional patent for his formula a “Bio-pesticide for Japanese Beetles.”

Serial No. 17/733,369 ยท Filed Apr 29, 2022


A pesticide compositionally comprising one or more carrier oils; one or more repellent
oils; and an effective amount of quisqualic acid, wherein the pesticide composition is an
emulsion for spray application to foliage and wherein physical contact with the pesticide is
sufficient to kill a Japanese beetle.

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Partnering with Harambee Community Garden: Target = Squash Bug

I’m excited to be collaborating with Harambee Community Garden on Chicago’s west side. Harambee started in 2011 on a vacant lot, and today is a thriving community of gardeners and nature lovers.

TerraBuster Bio-Pesticide Testing in Summer 2022 – Scroll down for updates

We designated control and testbeds to determine the effectiveness of a natural repellent prototype on Squash Bugs. Lab testing is also being conducted.


Identical test beds were planted June 3rd. On July 24th test bed #1 was treated with the prototype natural repellent while test bed #2 was left untreated. Not far from the test beds are several beds that are badly infested with squash bugs, as shown in the photo below.