TerraBuster Bug & Beetle Spray 1 Liter Refill


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Save the planet from another discarded plastic bottle and get our great formula in a re-sealable, refill pouch with a spout. It can be used in any type of pump sprayer.

Try this effective and all natural way to protect plants and trees from the destruction of the Japanese Beetle – plus other pests. Specially formulated with natural plant oils and essential oils that target the Japanese Beetle, it works to protect your plant or tree in several ways:

  • Sprayed directly onto beetles, they drop off and become paralyzed
  • Sprayed onto foliage, it provides a protective barrier of oils that Japanese Beetles hate – and that will kill them
  • IF the beetles eat any treated foliage, they will die
  • Foliage is protected, even after rain

Most commercial pesticides are highly toxic to people, pets and pollinators. Plus, they are usually 98% water and quickly wash off in the rain, leaving your trees and plants exposed to destructive group feedings by the Japanese Beetle. BUG & BEETLE SPRAY by TerraBuster leverages the resistance of natural plant oils, and unleashes the killing power of castor, soy and rapeseed oils, along with the repelling power of select essential oils. Japanese Beetles hate it – guaranteed!



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