My Battle with the Japanese Beetle

In the summer of 2019 I declared an all-out war against the Japanese Beetle. An infestation of beetles was destroying my family’s plants and orchard: the cherry trees were stunted and the grapevines were gasping for life.

Awards for research to control Japanese Beetles.

We first tried commercial pesticides, but we learned that most contain chemicals, including neonicotinoid – a dangerous bee killer. And broad-spectrum insecticides harm everything: bees, butterflies, and us. Plus, these products do not repel pests, and they wash off in rain.

And so I went to battle.

I set up a lab in our garage and began testing beetles. I tried natural substances that I researched, and I observed how many beetles died and which substances repelled them. Finally I discovered an ideal combination of natural substances to repel and kill Japanese Beetles.

My work won the championship trophy for Entomology at the Kendall County 4-H Fair. Then I presented my research at the Illinois 4-H State Fair, where I won the championship and an INSPIRE award.

Suddenly, all my friends and neighbors wanted to buy my formula

I entered the Celebrating High School Innovators contest and won the seed money to start my business. And then I started to make my formula to sell.

My TerraBuster spray is 100% natural, effective, and rain resistant. Mist leaves to create a barrier that repels beetles, aphids, mites, and caterpillars. There is nothing toxic, just plant oils and amino acids that target the Japanese Beetle. And don’t worry if you spray yourself – it’s safe and natural!

If you have any questions about my research and products, please contact me and I’ll reply as soon as possible.