TerraBuster 1 Liter Bug & Beetle Spray in Pump Sprayer

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An all-natural and powerful foliage oil spray that Japanese Beetles, aphids, and other pests hate. Delivered in a beautiful, re-useable 1-liter pressure pump sprayer that produces a fine mist and can reach the top of small trees and bushes. Unique, safe and effective!


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Try this incredibly effective and all-natural way to protect plants and trees from the destruction of the Japanese Beetle – plus aphids and other pests! Specially formulated with natural plant oils and essential oils –

  • Spray directly onto beetles, they drop off and become paralyzed
  • Spray onto foliage, it provides a protective barrier of oils that Japanese Beetles hate – and that will kill them
  • IF the beetles eat treated foliage, they will die
  • Foliage is protected, even after rain

Most commercial pesticides are 99% water and 1% toxic chemicals! The bottle costs far more than the spray – and it washes right off in the rain!

Terrabuster’s Bug & Beetle Spray works with valuable essential oils and rare amino acids. It’s unique in the market, safe, and highly effective. And Japanese Beetles hate it!



5 reviews for TerraBuster 1 Liter Bug & Beetle Spray in Pump Sprayer

  1. Kendrick Bakel

    I bought this for my parents. They where very pleased with its performance and the fact you get more bang for your buck. They had nothing but positive things to say about it.

  2. Jackie Green

    The boy who created this spray is my neighbor. I tested his first formulas and it saved my roses! Those Japanese Beetles are nasty and voracious. This spray works – better than anything else I’ve seen. And it’s safe. Bravo!

  3. Betty Korasidas

    I heard about the beetle spray from a friend who lives in Sandwich. I drove in from Naperville, and we later came back for a second refill. It works well and it’s so nice that it’s natural. Good for organic gardeners. I highly recommend it. Also note you should avoid those beetle traps since they just attract more.

  4. Maria

    Matias’ spray SAVED our red-leaf trees last summer! Normally our trees are eaten down to skeleton leaves by the beetles, but with this spray we kept the beetles mostly away. And it smells really really good.

  5. mary obodzinski

    I heard about Terra Buster last year through a FB friend. We drove in from Westmont to try it out, Japanese Beetles were destroying our knockout Roses & had literally killed one of our new cherry trees the year before. It worked very well, better than any commercial products you could buy. We know that it’s most effective if you are able to pretreat the targets so we stocked up this past June, sprayed all their favorites & Terra Buster worked beautifully! Hardly a problem this year & it even helped rid the aphids on our roses. Fantastic product!

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